by vipgal


This is one of my favourite winter looks of all time, and the trench coincides with the Fall 07 trend too, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to create the winter trench look a la French style.

First of all, pick out a trench which has a bit of an A-line to it, a dead straight pan flat coat just won’t work, second of all with the trench, I’ll let you on a little tip: corduroy creates an image of youth, if you can pull off looking 17-23 (unless you already aren’t) go for a trench which is made of cord with detailings like gatherings at the pockets, back and choose a coat with a raglan sleeve if you know your shoulders cannot fill a coat up

Secondly, since this is not a slim coat and you want to create a contrast and look nice, you want to make your legs look as thin and long as possible, this fall I am doing this by finishing it off with a pair of black stockings. Now for the fun part, what to wear under the coat: again, if you have a small frame, I would suggest you wear a roll-neck jumper made of fairly thick yarn to compensate for the shoulders

If your shoulders are statuesque, you can pretty much wear anything underneath, just finish it off with a nice scarf. With the bottom I didn’t want to create too much of a contrast and I wanted to keep all the colours neutral so I chose a black bloom skirt, it is important that the hem is short or at least shorter than the hem of the coat, so that the whole outfit will give you a nice silhouette if you decide to button/tie up your trench coat when it gets chilly

Finish it off with a nice neutral coloured felt beret, and black comfortable flats (Hush Puppies have some great ones) or ankle/half calf boots