SS Trend: Romance

by vipgal


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Is that the most beautiful-est day dress you-I have ever seen or what???? If you put that dress on me I’ll probably look like an overgrown onion, yeah anyway the point is, if you want to achieve the romantic look, this summer look for flowy silk/chiffon dresses, I wouldn’t be too worried about which colours to choose as long as they’re neutral (nude, teal, cream, peach, NOT GRAY OR BLACK or PURE WHITE)

You’re aiming for a fresh-faced, natural vibe so keep the length at the knee, any higher you’ll look like a pregnant lady and any lower you’ll look like you’re attending an ancient Greek costume party

keep the shoes simple for example I saw the most gorgeous patent leather sandals at David Jones yesterday, couldn’t remember the brand (note to self: check the shoes again) but it was simple.. flat, really flat as in gladiator like flat, with two simple black, shiny patent leather straps. Nice!