My Shoe Picks for Spring/Summer 07

by vipgal

First thing I’d like to say is that I’ve added a ‘Beauty’ category, so far I’ve only written one article in Skincare, and as you can probably see I’ve totally stuffed the categories up so bear with me for a little while I’m trying to fix it up 🙂

My favourite shoes of the season are as follows:

5:  Black patent flats. If they’re on your top buy list as well, try and find ones that have a little bit of a heel… I’ve seen way to many girls wearing completely flat shoes roll backwards after taking every step… including me at some point along the line



4: Gladiator sandals. I’m loving the casual feel of these sandals, they go so well with a simple white dress.. and they have t-bars too!!


3: Posh t-bar sandals. Normally I would have opposed completely flat shoes of any kind. But the world’s top model wearing them is an exception


2: Sporty flats. Team a pair of shorts, simple top and jacket to go on a breezy summer’s day  


1: Chanel t-bar wedge. I’ve seen way too many designers trying to imitate this particular style but Chanel’s version is the one and only truly stylish pair


And if you have not been to the David Jones shoe section lately… I command you to go now!!!!!!

Three pairs of shoes completely beautiful shoes that have caught my super lazer sharp eyes are…….

The two piece black patent Milana sandal… no not the one with heels, it’s the flat one.

And the two piece black patent mary jane flats by I do not know what brand but it’s gorgeous, it’s got this little golden lock on it as well..

Finally, this black mesh/elastic wedge by DKNY

Unfortunately I don’t have a money tree growing in my backyard so no pictures for you because I didn’t buy them 😦 But please feel absolutely obliged and compelled to check them out and wear ’em for fashion’s sake!!! (they were all very comfortable to wear as well by the way)

 …And as for the other shoes there, I have absolutely no idea what those tasteless designers were thinking… especially the one (whom I forgot damn it >.<) who tried to imitate Chanel’s t-bar wedge

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