Bags of Spring Summer 07

by vipgal

Clear bags are in.. my favourite one is done by Chanel… naturally 🙂 The clear bag goes well with practically everything.. excluding formal wear and have the ability to transform any outfit into a stylish and chic look.

My friends say wearing the bag in public is an ‘invasion of privacy’ but I say it’s damn stylish!! But please be selective in what you put in your clear bag. Chucking all your essentials in the bag for all the world to see is a definite no-no!  

I am also sooooo totally in love with Dior’s crocodile and nubuck (cow leather buffed up to look furry) bag. It’s MY ‘it’ bag for feminine sophistication!! The size is perrrrfect… it’s not too big so you won’t look like you’re slanted to one side all the time and it’s not so small that you can’t fit a single thing in it

Bags like this one goes well with a pair of jeans and a nice, feminine top (small floral prints and silk blouses are my personal favourites)

Gigantic bags are also in… I think a lady should never have to carry around such atrociously large bags.. but never the less… I’m loving Chloe’s bay bag..

To sum things up this summer the bags that are in are: gigantic bags (not pictured here, but an example would be the Country Road canvas bags), micro bags (not pictured here), clear shoulderbags/totes, leather bags like the Dior one pictured above never runs out of style. And if you wanna go big but not too big, splurge on Chloe’s bay bag or save on Barkin’s imitation of the bay bag.