Summer Essentials

by vipgal

The bi-annual v i p g i r l s t y l e ‘Essentials’ article you have all been waiting for is finally here!! (haha.. well maybe not ALL) Enjoy!!


Floppy Sun Hat <Kokin>

WEAR EVERYDAY!! I cannot stress how important sun protection is. There are many styles of sun hats to choose from but my pick for this summer is definitely the floppy style, the wider the brim the better. But make sure when buying that the shape ‘flops’ nicely that is there is an UP and a DOWN and the down covers up a little bit of the eye

Tan Sandals <Michael Kors>

At least four wears a week, the classic tan leather suits most colours. When looking for the essential summer shoe, I tried to look for a style which would suit both dresses and shorts. This style does it perfectly

Silk Scarf <Hermes>

At least three wears a week, the silk scarf is THE PERFECT accessory to wear for Spring/Summer. There are many different ways to wear a scarf and it can transform an outfit incredibly when worn appropriately

Rectangle Sunglasses <Bvlgari>

Wear Everyday, big sunglasses are still in but one, they make most people look like flies and two, smaller more rectangle glasses have more class and style. Good colours are the classics: white, brown and black.

Day and Night Dress <Lanvin>

At least two wears a week, the Day and Night dress is the IT dress. Dresses like this Lanvin one can be worn during the day and taken into the night, it also goes perfectly well with black stockings and black mary janes.

SPF 30+ Sunscreen <Nivea>

Wear everyday, WEAR IT if you do not want to end up looking like that tan leather bag in your wardrobe in a few years. I’m sure we all know how harsh the Australian sun is, just in case you’re still having second thoughs on slopping that goo on you everyday…

One, let me tell you a very short story: yesterday I was walking to the bus stop from my university classroom, by the time I got to the entrance of the university my legs felt.. and probably looked (I dared not) like burnt toast

Two, health comes first!