Ways to wear Silk Scarves

by vipgal

Yes, I’m totally in love with silk scarves at the moment. I have recently discovered its many uses (not that I didn’t know before, but I actually tried one of the styles) and good looking-ness! Silk scarves usually come in two shapes: square and long rectangle


Bandana Style, avoid if you have diamond shaped face, egg shaped face and triangle shaped face with the top of the face being the smaller bit


Headscarf, with a trail, again scarves worn around the head in any way should be avoided by diamond shaped faces, egg shaped face and triangle shaped face (see above)


Neck scarf, a special thanks to http://www.flickr.com/people/yblue98 as this is a personal photo. I do hope she is fine with me for using this photo! If you see this please let me know if you do not want it to appear here!

The silk scarf can also be worn as a headband or as a big bow tied onto a ponytail