The epitome of beauty: Valentino

by vipgal

Valentino Garavani’s designs over the years…



Fall 2006 (2007 in Australia)

This dress is not only in my opinion the most beautiful dress Valentino has ever created, but it is also the most stylishly revealing dress I have ever seen


Spring 2006 (2007 in Australia)

Black and white plus a hint of red (models’ stained red lips) = the perfect combination

And Beyond…


Spring 2007 (2008 in Australia)


Spring 2008 (2009 in Australia)

In these outfits, I see so many budding and already existing trends but by not restricting people to that scope it allows everyone to make up their own mind about what is nice and allows for them to develop their own style

Because sometimes what is trendy is not necessarily nice, but it is only pleasing to the eye because one, the look has grown on you and two, because everybody else is wearing it

Personally I see no point of wasting my time and money on clothing I do not like at first sight, if a certain look has grown on you, it is likely that it hasn’t on other people and first impressions are made in 3 seconds. Use it wisely