Emma Watson style

by vipgal

I have probably shown this dress on here more than enough.. but I’ll show it again


Emma Watson is going to be the new face of Chanel!! I think Chanel made a very smart move this time.. she definitely has the potential to pull in a lot of people from the youth market for them

More shots of Emma Watson or Hermione from Harry Potter wearing Chanel..




And whoever is dressing this girl is a gawd damn genius… I have never ever seen Emma Watson make a fashion mistake..  it is never skanky and her outfits always stay true to her image

More nice outfits in general


Note to self: Buy a nice silk blouse


This outfit could easily fit into the late 20s to 40s age market nevertheless its still nice and simple but I personally am going to wear more crazy stuff until I’ve completely lost it because I’m going to have a good 20 years of wearing stuff like that… and that time is dawning on me at an alarming speed, I’ll be 19 next year! *sob* I feel so old