A very fashionable ratio

by vipgal

NO, I have not abandoned my lovely blog… Well.. here’s what’s been happening…

4 days before my two major MAJOR assignments are due… I get a fever, sore throat, runny nose, croaky voice and a cough…

I’ve just been living in total delirious-ism for the past week.. either attempting to complete my assignments or resting so that I can keep going *sigh*… thank goodness I went to uni on Monday and handed them in… I do not want to see another essay/project/critical reflection etc until March 2008 thank you very much…

But all is well now, I’ve only got two and half weeks to learn an entire textbook for my final exam and some other housekeeping stuff to do so there’s plenty of time to blog… It feels good to be back hehhee…. nothing heals quite like a dose of fashion so here it goes!

Isn’t it funny that when people think/say somebody is pretty they automatically assume that the person has style too… well it is partly true.. If somebody is not born with a perfect facial bone structure or petite frame etc who knows how to cover up their flaws with the clever use of makeup, is bound to know how to dress to cover up their flaws and emphasise their good features

I firmly believe that ‘beauty’… beauty as in the whole physical outlook of somebody which deems them to be pretty or unpretty is 30% genetics and 70% artificially created…

Example #1


Take Jennifer Woo, President of Lane Crawford for example…


I can’t really tell you precisely what her face shape is… but people of Asian ethnicity tend to have a smaller forehead… there is a dilemma where heavy fringes do not look good on people with small foreheads but with her face shape, a fringe is also necessary to look her best. Here I think she’s covered up her facial structural flaw with flair


Very heavy eye makeup to emphasise the eyes, to cut a long explanation short.. without emphasising the eyes, her face will just look plain dull and big, also love the neutral colour pallette she is using


Dress style is obviously difficult to wear but it suits her frame, covers up her flaws from the looks of it she probably does not have very thin arms or thighs.. and most importantly does not make her look like a scrawny bat.. like the style does on many others. The Louboutins are a very stylish way to finish off the outfit

In summary… I do not think she has very nice features in nature… but she definitely knows how to craft herself in a way to cover up her flaws very nicely indeed

Example #2


I have no idea who she is.. (Correction: this is actually a Chinese Model her name is Emma Pei thanks to cotton-candy :)) she was also at the Lane Crawford opening… I’d just like to say that in doing a comparison with Emma Pei and Jennifer Woo, this one definitely has the better features… A very feminine face and frame, also very thin and tall… skinny in all the right places and curvy in all the right places. Her appearance is definitely a few knotches up from Jennifer Woo in the class category… As long as she does not wear anything that is downright ugly or slumpy for example see batwing dress above, she will always look immaculate.


Simple, Simple, simple! Very graceful


Very light, neutral makeup with a hint of coral on the lips. It just makes her look so clean and fresh!! I just love how she is keeping everything so simple… her nice face shape is an obvious advantage… very feminine and delicate… so no eye makeup is fine with me


The style is so simple, it really gives her such a pleasant, classy disposition. She has thin arms.. so she can wear sleeveless dresses to show that off and I want those velvet heels!! >.<

Finally, I think it’s also very important, as both people displayed, to wear clothing with confidence and remember 30% genetics and 70% artificially created!!

If you’re still not convinced…


The right way you present yourself can go a long way…