gone hunting…

by vipgal

..for style, that is

Sorry I had to repost this blog because the original one stuffed up while I was putting the new blog look out

There are so many good streetstyle blogs out there but I have to say some of my favourites will have to be the European and New York ones such as The Sartorialist, Copenhagen Street Streetstyle, Stockholm Streetstyle and Fashion Fillers. And there aren’t many Sydney streetstyle blogs around.. there are plenty of fashion blogs with a little bit of streetstyle mixed in it.. which is precisely what I am doing at the moment.. and I’m an extremely loyal follower of my fellow Sydneysider’s fashion journals because they are quite rare to come across

So Friday was my first time streetstyle hunting and I asked my friend Jessie to come along as moral support and second in charge style radar:

10 am

Here I am waiting and waiting for my ‘hunting partner’ to arrive for the next half hour my outgoing phone messages would usually consist of “where the hell are you?!”

10.37 am

She’s finally here!! So off we go to UTS to print out my ‘business cards’ for the day which we’ll be handing out as we take the photos, I’m not sure if the other streetstyle blogs actually tell people their site which gives the photographers an excuse to say that they’re working for Vogue or Elle or something, but in my case I decided to go along with the card idea



11.35 am

Here we are at Pitt St mall and you would not believe how many ordinary dressers we came across. What was ironic was that Pitt St Mall was practically flogging out their personal styling services and people are constantly surrounded by clothing that I’d just grab like a maniac if I had an unlimited budget but most people still managed to look like they’re dressed to get ready for house cleaning on a Saturday morning

Finally we came across a  lady in a gorgeous peach cotton dress and a guy dressed in gray skinny jeans, a white tee and vest. While I chased after the lady across the shopping strip, Jess kept an eye on the guy who happened to be doing some promo/sales work at Pitt St mallThe lady in peach did a sharp turn into The Strand and I lost her, I turned around and there was Jessie so we decided to go back to the shopping strip and look for the guy but he was nowhere to be seenLesson

#1: You gotta grab the photos on the spot!

12.15 pm

We were getting pretty desperate by now… we’ve been hunting non stop for 2 hours and still no one really caught my eye as a unique and sophisticated dresser, which was our criteria for the day.

SO, in an act of desperation I made Jessie dress up in Myer and took this shot. Interestingly she told me that some of her friends studying fashion at University of Technology had done the same thing to her earlier, also in an act of despair.



I used Miss Shop accessories they were the tan bag, which I have seen quite a lot of people wear but in different shades lately, the necklaces and bangles

12.45 pm

Coming down the escalators from the ladieswear department, we found our saviour Leo..



I love how the look is tailored yet ruffled at the same time, the fitting of each item is perfect. And don’t you just love those Oxfords?!And our situation got better from here…

Coming down the escalators from Myer we saw this outfit…



Sorry I forgot to get your name, if you would like it to appear on here, please let me know 🙂It’s a Review dress, the outfit to me seemed so feminine and classy.. Did I tell you that I am an avid black + white combo follower

1.03 pm

Jessie and I then made our way to The Rocks as she was originally going to be my model for a photography shoot today.. here’s a mixture of photos I took for fun and for the shoot.




2.30 pm

Went to Circular Quay to get McDonald’s.. and came across…



Unfortunately, I also forgot to ask for her name. If you’re reading this please let me know your name so I can add it on here 😀 I love how she has worn the top under the blouse and the colours she chose to put together were excellent

3.30 pm

Went back to Pitt St mall to look for more people with a unique and sophisticated style but ran out of luck and by now my feet were absolutely killing me. Why did I have to wear heels! So we went to Myer and stuck our butts to the chairs in the shoe department and stayed there for two hours … I stood up somewhere along the line to try out some shoes.. I fell in love with all the DKNY black elastic strap wedges at Myer and the Kors tan/navy t-bar chunky platform

5.15 pm

Got ready to get out of Myer to meet a friend Sarina, and took our last shot on the way out. This is Hanmin.. it was Jess’s favourite shot



Great accessorising, especially the boots, necklace and handbag.. more guys need to learn to drop their gigantic satchels and adopt a more stylish kind.. there’s been quite a debate out there whether if male version handbags are in, I’m so for it. This was our last shot for the day

6.30 pm

At last home, sweet home. My feet were aching so much that I had to walk without my shoes… that is, until it started raining and it took me half an hour to walk from the bus stop to my house.. which would have normally taken 10 minutes max.

And this concludes my very long article, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as we had style hunting!