trends that come and go

by vipgal

I’ve been flicking through some old mags that I have not yet thrown out. If I had known that I was going to start a fashion blog, I would not have recycled any of them. Anyway I just found it really interesting that most of the 2005 trends are either back this season or have been carried on from 2005 till now..

For example:

  • Braces/overalls etc
  • Patchwork/crochet
  • Ankle/half calf boots
  • Little brown bags
  • Waist cinching
  • Boots, boots and more boots!

Beauty trend examples:

  • Coral blush/lips
  • Fresh faced
  • Rosey cheeks
  • Naturalistic

I also loved the rest of the 2005 looks which is not in this season and they are the

  • Bohemian/Pocahontas look
  • Tomboy look
  • Aviation look
  • Nautical look


 I really don’t care if the tomboy trend is in next season or not I am going to get my hands on a pair of jeans and cardigan like that.. I could add some changes to the boots though…