‘high maintenance’ look for F/W 2008

by vipgal

Lately I’ve been obsessed with the high maintenance look.. maybe it’s because I have to look extra polished while I am out job hunting (I need spending money during my university break!). In nine out of ten cases I’ve ended up looking like I am asking for a job at Chanel or Louis Vuitton instead of Kookai or Cue etc… But a little bit of extra effort always pays off

It takes a lot of time to look ‘very polished’ so it is not something I would recommend wasting time on every single day and there are many ways to do it. So I will narrow the scope down a little bit and concentrate on how to get the high maintenance look according to the F/W 2008 trends. Our not so freezing winter weather in Sydney is absolutely perfect for executing the look.

Some essentials you will need are:

  • clear and healthy skin and a good haircut, which is evident even when you do your hair up. In other words, do not tie your hair up only to cover up bad hair likewise with makeup; do not wear makeup only to cover up bad skin rather invest in skincare. Hair done up always carries more class than hair left down
  • clever use of black or white
  • Pantyhose in neutral colours and denier count depending on the rest of your outfit, personal preference and the weather
  • a good pair of shoes (Oxford pumps, half calf and knee high boots)

Here are some nice examples from hardest to wear to easiest to wear (first 3 photos from http://www.thesartorialist.com):


 Absolutely oozing city class class class, luxury luxury luxury


This very elegant outfit to me screams “look but do not touch” and believe it or not is easier to recreate than the outfit above, the key is just finding the right coat


She’s wearing Gucci Dahlia boots, they also come in an ankle length version  


Youthful look, popular style = common, common, common! But nevertheless, nice