Formal season

by vipgal

It is officially the school formal season, in fact I think I might even be a bit late. But it just wouldn’t be me to not talk about such a big fashion event! My local newspaper did this article on formal dresses a few weeks ago and this student said something about formal dresses which I found to be quite interesting and quite true. She said that year 10 formal dresses tends to be more cocktail, colourful and fun and year 12 formal dresses tends to be more classy, formal and elegant.

For my year 10 formal I wore a dusty pink cocktail tube dress, it had diamonte straps and gathering everywhere. I didn’t make that sound very good, did I? For my year 12 graduation I wore a crimson floor length gown and I wore a cream grecian gown to my year 12 formal. They were three very different styles, but these three dresses shared one similarity: they were all plain, solid colours.

I’ve been seeing a lot of floral/geometric print dresses in the hands of prospective formal goers this year and it is just not right. It’s breaking the fundamentals of classy events. Leave the prints for the day and trips to the mall, be it if you’re choosing to wear a formal or cocktail dress. It’s just downright ugly and not classy to wear prints to formal events of any kind.

Now, down to style. Be creative, try out different looks. Most importantly do not conform. Take a look around you if almost everyone is wearing a knee length or shorter dress with a triangle bra top and spaghetti straps, take the very obvious hint that you are about to look like everyone else and wear something different!

Boob tube dresses are totally out unless you have the proportions of a supermodel, stiff A-line princess dresses were never pretty anyway. Steer towards simplicity and softness.

Steer towards dresses like these:




Yes, I am biased towards Gemma Ward

Stay away from dresses like these:



Talk about figure flattery… This is what happens when these ‘style icons’ do not pay their stylists enough