why are french men so damn hot

by vipgal

I watched Hannibal Rising yesterday, it’s a prequel to Silence of the Lambs and it talks about Hannibal Lecter’s life from childhood to late adolescence and how came to be such a horrible monster.

Boy, oh boy is young Hannibal Lecter one hot thing.. played by French actor Gaspard Ulliel. What disturbs me is how such a sophisticated young man became such a vicious cannibal. And I have to say.. his style is in two words “simply elegant”. Below is Chinese actress Gong Li, looking sophisticated as always.



What I’ve always liked about actors is their sheer versatility.. I mean how the heck would you believe the actor who played young Hannibal Lecter looked like this in real life:



Of course this post isn’t all just about how hot Gaspard Ulliel is. You may have noticed that I have tried to emphasise his many damn fabulous hairstyles in the photos above. I should probably not forget that he is being styled by some of the best in the fashion industry but he is French, after all. French men never screw up their style. And how each different hairstyle changes his disposition and supposed age is amazing.




With a chiseled and angular face like that, blessing of being able to look photogenic at every angle and amazing versatility. He is every inch blue chip