Office attire

by vipgal

A couple of days ago I spent (with great misfortune) a whole hour at a CUE shop, office clothes shopping for my friend in the middle of lunch hour on a weekday. I say with misfortune is because the shop was so overly crowded with workers attempting to try on as many outfits as possible and the clothes weren’t really my style. And the sales assistant, although really sweet and nice kept on shoving my friend with new blouses to try on and got really pissed off at us when we eventually left empty handed. By the time we left it was clear that almost everyone who was in the shop that day really really liked their gray pencil skirt and a white puff sleeve blouse and some of the most horrendous shoes I have ever seen. Now all is needed is a frilly apron to look exactly like a French maid.

I can see I’m getting pretty worked up here, I do have strong ideas of what office attire is appropriate for certain events and can ramble on about it for a long time. But I also gather that nobody on earth is stupid enough to call a nice blouse or skirt ugly when they see a nice one and there are certain boundaries which affect what people wear such as what clothes are available locally, work norms, personal style, budget, weather, mood etc. But that, is that.

And this, is this


I love this look because:

1) it moves away from the whole norm about what office attire is perceived and practised to be

2) it’s pure pretty


This outfit really oozes executive style minus the formality



This is from a tv show called ‘Brothers & Sisters’. I always liked what the character Kitty Walker is wearing. It’s simple and really suits her figure. And she rarely wore blouses even though she worked in a very formal environment