different everything same bag + beanie for FW08

by vipgal



Two photos of the same person taken a few months apart

Much better hair, thanks to the beanie and a hair straightener, it really substituted the teutonic disposition she displayed in the first photo with a pleasant one. And I absolutely adore her coat, is that a man’s coat?? Even better. Love the pants, love the shoes, love everything. Somehow this outfit isn’t meant to work out but it did on her, and it looks great

These two photos were taken from a popular New York streetstyle blog, or photoblog rather called TheSartorialist.com

When I first saw a website called The Sartorialist appear here and there, I thought no big deal… And then I found out that it was one of the ‘big guns’ of the streetstyle blogs around, so I eventually went and checked it out… still then, I thought “no big deal”

But then the photos really grew on me and I began to appreciate why so many people were so strangely attracted to the site. Having looked at the archives on his streetstyle blog, The Satorialist has really improved his photography over time, I really like the depth of field the photographer chooses to use in the photographs and his emphasis on the clothes. That plus, most of the outfits he manages to capture just keep getting better and better everyday and it demonstrates such a sharp eye for style and they are also so my style..

And last but not least, this is just a reminder for me to stock up on beanies for winter