Lacoste on its way up + love SS07 campaign

by vipgal

Is it just me or has Lacoste transformed from one of those expensive logo polo shirt brands to this expensive but sleek and incredibly classy brand. I used to regard Lacoste quite highly because of the weight that the name carries, but I always liked its competitor Polo Ralph Lauren better because Polo has style, Polo has class, Polo had its own true-American feel to it, it had a strong presence… and all Lacoste had were some gay shoes and lousy trademark polo shirts which were nowhere near as good as Polo’s anyway

But over the last few years there has been an incredible change in their ad campaigns and then the clothing that appeared on the campaigns slowly began to improve. I must admit, I didn’t do much research before writing this post besides from adoring the Australia SS07 collection. But it just makes me wonder which aspects of business they really changed to be on top of their game.. a new design team, perhaps? A new CEO which steered the company towards a whole new different vision and direction? They hired a superb fashion photographer? They hired models which bought the perfect feel and disposition of what their clothes represent to mediums such as magazines and billboards? They hired better market researchers? It’s very likely that all the above mentioned aspects have been improved to acheive what they have now

I love how the SS07 look is luxurious yet wearable at the same time. They’ve also re-vamped up their image (and at times their limit: sport) to create, in my opinion the best luxe sport brand around today

Sorry about the dots on the pictures, I had to copy the pictures from the Lacoste website