getting a new (high maintenance) haircut

by vipgal

I’m getting a new haircut next week! Yay!! Getting new haircuts are always exciting, wouldn’t you agree?

I’ve always wanted a thick, deep, blunt fringe because it’s cute and unique. But I’m having second thoughts about it because of all the thick fringe look becoming trendy again. You know, with haircuts trends go away as fast as they come in

Other high maintenance haircuts I think are nice is Victoria Beckham and Nicole Richie haircuts. Victoria Beckham’s is really sleek and elegant like Charlize Theron’s haircut in Aeon Flux or whatever the movie’s called and I’d prefer it in solid black, dirty blonde kind of makes it look.. well, dirty. Nicole Richie’s haircut is common and mature but I still like it… I’ll get that haircut if I ever feel like looking like everybody else

I’ll write something about low maintenance haircuts soon as well. I’m not in this post only because this thing is not letting me write anything after Nicole Richie’s picture

Finally I have some tips for getting a haircut too, as paraphrased from

  • Don’t sit cross legged, it’ll make you haircut uneven
  • Layering, medium length suits everybody
  • Bring pictures to show your hairstylist, describe what you want, communicate!!!
  • Listen to your hair stylist’s advice, chances are you’ll end up looking stupid if you don’t
  • Your definition of three inches is different to the hair stylist’s, stick to the actual correct measurement
  • Post haircut product recommendations are not rip-offs. But in rare cases, it can be.. use your instincts if the hairstylist looks like he/she can’t be trusted, don’t buy any products that they recommend after you get your haircut. But if you know they are decent, buy it, because they’re professional products which return fantastic results