low maintenance haircuts + my brand spanking new haircut

by vipgal

Low maintenance cuts need to be well cut, or have a ‘solid foundation’ because it better be damn good if you’re going to do next to schmuck to maintain it

Low maintenance cuts usually require minimal blow drying and styling. Maybe just a dab of shine serum if it’s looking a bit down, low maintenance cuts ooze a feeling of carefree-ness and confidence that high maintenance cuts can’t pull off.

High maintenance hair cuts may be suave and sleek but there’s a certain air of un-approachability to it. People are afraid to come up to ‘divas’ or ‘queens’ and guys run the opposite direction when they see a girl with an ego bigger than theirs. But each have their own advantages and disadvantages

I love Clemence Poesy’s current haircut, as casual as it looks you can tell that it’s a great cut



If you were interested in what hairstyle I got over the weekend. It was a total, fabulous investment, my old haircut was giving me a bit of a bald patch to the bit where I parted it so much and this one got rid of my hairline. The girl in the picture is not me my fringe looks exactly like hers except my hair’s shoulder length. So far it’s been very easy to maintain because if I wanted to go for the blunt, thick look I could just shampoo, dry then leave it as it is. And if I wanted to look more polished I could just blow dry my hair upside down to give it more volume and use a styling brush to give the fringe a bit more volume as well