what’s in a doctor’s bag?

by vipgal

a new year = a new university bag. This year, my university bag of choice is definitely the doctor’s bag!!!

It is big enough to fit all my books and some essentials without making the bag look like an overfilled water balloon

Some essentials that I like to carry with me are 

water, water and more water! Filtered water from home only, health comes first!

keys on cute keyrings of course

lip balm Vaseline for lip care or Dior pretty charms for lip colour, I adore pink lipstick at the moment

hair ties i try to use the cute snagless ones as a foundation (they usually break after two minutes so I end up using elastic) and then I add the cute hair accessories on

art journal & pencil i buy an annual planner which help keep me updated on future stuff. But other than that my day-to-day shenanigans all go in there. It includes daily ideas, inspirations, rants, events

mobile phone what would I do without my trusty (most of the time) mobile phone???

What handbag items can you not live without???

Dior/Gemma Ward makes spectacles & pink lipstick sophisticated again