autumn and chunky sandals

by vipgal

Wear’em like this before it gets too cold

Some people argue whether if it’s sensible to pair chunky sandals with hosiery (if it’s too cold why wear sandals and if it’s so hot, why wear stockings?) my mother is that kind of person, she insists that it’s a fashion faux pas to even wear a pair of shoes in which the colour does not match the stockings

If we want to get all traditional and crap then I agree, but i’ll probably start to follow her fashion rules when I turn 40 and start looking ridiculous in black stockings and orange sandals paired together

but for now while i’m young i don’t think its a fashion faux pas to pair different coloured shoes (chunky sandals included) to your stockings.. the only problem is that i need to stop looking like i can’t walk properly while i’m wearing such high heels