very fashionable, non?

by vipgal

Cafes are a very stylish place, when you walk into the soft clinking coffee makers and aroma you would typically find a table surrounded by a group of schoolgirls gossiping over a vogue mag, the other a sophisticated business woman, the other a hot guy, the other a middle aged man pouring over the daily newspaper… you would find these in a movie of course!!

Do these actually happen in real life? Are cafes actually a quiet place to reflect and unwind, is everyone actually deaf to other’s voices and noise? Is the atmosphere really this relaxed?? or is it becoming more and more of a commercial pit stop for style wannabes. Not quite so on one particular day, I was on the bus home and it always goes past a Starbucks cafe, I see a university student perched on a bar facing the street with a laptop and assignment, a businessman pouring over a novel, and a group of friends nearby indulging in a hot drink in the amber lighting of the cafe.

Not surprisingly, when the bus drives past the next day it is again filled with reality stampedes of school children and dirty seats and tables