Model weight Ali Michael

by vipgal

Yes, I know this is from ages ago but apparently there’s still hype about it so here’s my zero cent’s worth..

17 year old model Ali Michael got kicked out of Paris fashion week because the organisers said her legs were a bit “plump”. I don’t have a problem with ultra-thin models however what’s really horrible is the treatment that young models get when they get ‘kicked out’ of shows not because they are fat, but just because their body has started to finalise its growth and they start to look a bit bigger than they were before

But P.L.E.A.S.E what is all the whingeing and thin-hating, elite modelling has its OWN STANDARDS, for those show-pony critics, amateur social scientists, couch-nutritionists out there get the point: if the girls have got it, they will naturally be allowed on the runway, if they don’t have it then tough luck. Out of the world population there is bound to be a handful of girls who are naturally thin who satisfies runway walking standards anyway

Here is what the actual important person in this ‘debacle’, Ali Michael has to say:

“I’ve always had low self-esteem and I’m a perfectionist, so I associated being a successful model with losing the most weight possible. When people told me how tiny my waist was or that my stomach so ‘so flat’, it made me feel self-assured, almost invincible”.


“I never planned to go public with my struggle. The day after I got home, an article appeared in The Wall Street Journal with a picture of me on the cover under the headline ‘Wasn’t skinny supposed to be out of fashion?’ It said I was sent home from Paris for being too fat. I was shocked when I saw it. My first response was that my career was over. After thinking it through though, I realized this was actually a chance to try to help other people…. I know it will take a lot for designers to adjust what they want. But I think that if healthy models do dominate the runways again, the public would be much more accepting of and interested in the fashion world”.

VIPGirl: What do YOU think? The Megan Gales and Helena Christensens gracing the Chloe, Balenciaga runways or the Gemma Wards and Catherine McNeils? I will try to give an objective answer here: consumers are kings, if there is enough who want to go back to the athletic models era then businesses will adjust


At Lanvin. Before Ali Michael was considered too plump

‘Plump’, not exactly fat but I must admit average thin by modelling standards

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