the neverfail recipe: three piece outfit

by vipgal


  • black tights
  • shift dress/ smock dress
  • outerwear  


It’s a very versatile combination that can be changed to suit different looks for example:

For a french girl look, wear a quirky topcoat over baby doll dress, finish off with a hair accessory

For a more sophisticated french look wear a straight topcoat over shift dress, finish off with a beret and gloves

I’ve noticed in a lot of people who dress like this that black is a very common garment colour. But I personally like to inject a little bit of colour into the combo, invest in a wide hem emerald green or pine green topcoat and pair it with a print+bow cotton baby doll dress. Finish off with a pair of suede oxford boots

Besides from colour matching, you can also play around with the textures as well.. this can come in handy if you decide to go top-to-toe black