Winter Essentials 2008

by vipgal

The essentials for winter last year came out in June, I’m very proud to announce the second ever winter essentials! If you are new to this fashion journal the Essentials is a brief report of the most in demand and versatile items to own in the Summer and Winter of every year

You can find last year’s Winter Essentials here:  and the Summer Essentials 2007 here:

To be honest writing the‘Essentials’ articles is something I look forward to a lot and I hope you do really find it useful, may the bi-annual essentials be here to stay for many years to come!

Beanie <Burberry Prorsum>

At least three wears a week, the colour and knitting pattern makes the beanie look casual but the buckle gives it a more refined finish

Black leather jacket <Label unknown>

At least two wears a week, apart from a down jacket or wool overcoat no other jacket is more stylish that also keeps you just as warm

Puffy short coat <Juicy Couture>

Wear at least once a week, the puffy/down coat is no longer just an arctic garment

Look for a form fitting and quilted down coat like the Juicy Couture one above or like this one:

Elongated leather gloves <Prada>

At least four wears a week, one of the best things in winter are super suave accessories like these gloves!

Chunky ankle boots <Chloe>

At least four wears a week, these boots are called Chloe Silverado boots they have been out for a few years now but I still adore them so much, they also come in a knee length version, lace-up version, and on platform heels. A similar one can be found in Mollini now!!!

These boots give any outfit a super young, cute finish, love them!!!!!!