design boom mart.Sydney design festival

by vipgal

Last Thursday I went to the design mart at Powerhouse museum with my friend Jessie there were so many SO MANY beautiful and innovative things to look at I get the impression that design is kind of a fashion thing in Sydney right now and I’m kind of glad that Sydney or the trendy areas of Sydney such as Waterloo is being promoted with a design/creative culture

I’m craving for more creativity!!!

This is one of my favourite products at the Designboom Mart it’s called Play Card.. it’s a very light plastic gun and you can shoot the plastic targets with elastic ‘bullets’ I hogged this game for too long before I realised that there was an army of other people who wanted to try it =(

You can view more of this designer’s creations at his blog

My friend Jessie bought this adorable Ocktober bag at the Youngbloods section of the market, she’s one of the first owners of this bag, don’t you just love it??! Photo was taken by Jessie

I am loving this outfit at the moment and the bag goes perfectly with the look! (trend alert: slim black pants!)