by vipgal

AS USUAL I start liking things when they are over (i’ll still be wearing this pattern next year though)

If you are from Sydney you will probably know that Cotton On and SES sells the most mainstream check/plaid tops (the long shirt or blouse style)… they are both crazy putting this pattern on sale so…

they better beware because I’m comin’!

Ideas on How to wear long-length plaid/check shirts for Winter 2009

  • over full length leggings & flats
  • over 3/4 length leggings and lace up doc martens/ CAT boots
  • unbuttoned over skinny jeans and lace up army boots – finish with coat
  • layer it with cozy winter garments
  • with shorts, knee length socks and boots

Plaids and Checks in D&G Fall 2008 campaign