Happy Halloween and..

by vipgal

..National Bandana Day! (Australia) 

Lemme briefly explain Canteen’s a charity that supports young people living with cancer each year they hold a Bandana day to raise money for young people living with cancer to attend camps, surfing lessons, jewellery making lessons and anything else that can put a smile on the young people’s faces. These activities let young people build support networks and precious friendships

There’s a saying that laughter is the best medicine every person deserves to have happy memories and in times of hardship optimism is a treasured quality to have

So let’s do what we can to help reach out with our support in a somewhat materialistic way .. buy a Canteen Bandana!

swap teeth-rotting sweets/krispy kremes/coffee/cigarettes (that would cost you about 20 times more than a Canteen bandana though ;)) for a bandana from Canteen today and support young people living with cancer

Ways you can wear your bandana:

On your bag, pram, telescope..be creative!

Or as a headpiece a la Gemma Ward

How will you wear your bandana?