GYABO! Noda Megumi “Nodame” style

by vipgal

It’s been so long since the last post I nearly forgot the login password!

WordPress says a secure password is where there is more than 8 characters in the password and they have to be a combination of symbols, letters and numbers. So I made this supernova password and I just remember my password by the way it is typed, if you asked me what my password was and there’s no QWERTY keyboard in front of me and it has been more than a month since I last logged in then zilch, no password

If you’re wondering how this relates to the title of the post well it does not ha ha ha! It is just some useless banter to excuse myself for deserting the blog for a while

Noda Megume or Nodame in short is a character in a Japanese classical music drama called Nodame Cantabile

The drama centres around the lives of a messy, unorganised girl with a natural talent for piano called Nodame and a neat perfectionist, who is also the number 1 student (and popular) at Momogaoka music academy called  Chiaki Shinichi (Chiaki-Senpai in short, Senpai is upper classman, Japanese use surnames/first names interchangeably)

Nodame and Chiaki-senpai are both in the piano performance division, Nodame plays the piano and dreams to be a piano teacher. Chiaki is a piano playing aspiring conductor, the two meet by chance when Chiaki-senpai gets wasted and passes out in front of his dorm room so Nodame lets him stay in her messy room overnight

Chiaki-senpai wakes up to Nodame playing a beautiful Beethoven amidst a mountain of rubbish. Chiaki-senpai freaks out, calls Nodame a garbage woman (LOL) and flees. He opens the front door and realises his room is right next door (even more LOL)

Chiaki and Nodame soon meet again when he was chosen to help Nodame with her piano (peer support program or something). Nodame falls in ‘love’ with Chiaki-senpai, he still calls her a garbage woman, but lets her hang around him anyway because they are next door neighbours. Little does he know through his uncaring behaviour that he is nurturing Nodame’s piano

Anyway I think Nodame’s clothes are incredibly cute



















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