Designers for Daffodil Day

by vipgal

Today is Daffodil Day, my friends! If you are, like me who forgot about it until I got off the bus this morning to see a sea of yellow, please don’t just walk past the volunteers holding the merchandise to go waste it on a coffee/tea/donut directly afterwards. There are mini teddy bears, badges, squishy footballs, pens and of course, daffodils for sale. I always get the pens because it is the most economical option for me, they last forever and write very smoothly, they are chunky and very comfortable to hold onto, the design also never disappoints. So if you’re going to get a $5 fancy gel pen from big-w which runs out in a day for a uni student like me, get a Daffodil Day one!!!

I know $5 or $3 is not a conventional price for a pen or simple badge but funds raised go toward helping people and I believe most of us know someone who has suffered or is suffering from cancer, so it is not too difficult to develop a little generosity towards not-for-profit organisations like Cancer Council to assist in providing support for research, better treatments and advance toward a cure.

If you live near Doncaster, Victoria you can also log onto the Designers for Daffodil Day site, vote for your favourite dresses designed for Daffodil Day by Jayson Brunsdon, Akira Isogawa, Bettina Liano and more and have a chance to win a $500 Westfield Doncaster voucher. Or if you like, you can also bid on the items which are also on auction. Auction closes Monday 31 August.

Good Luck!