concerto series.a cello concerto

by vipgal

With my recent obsession for all notes Vivaldi, Rachmaninoff and Bach, it is only a matter of time before I find a way to relate music to fashion. Altogether I’ll be exploring the ideological outfits that my inner musician would wear to a concerto as a Cello soloist, piano soloist, oboe soloist and violin soloist in the next few days. Inspired by the following editorial, first up is……… the cello

Above, US Vogue 2005 editorial, by Gemma Ward and Mario Testino
Below, Sydney Symphony

My three words to describe the cello are: confident, steady and cool. In comparison to the charming and playful sounds of the oboe and flute, the sound of a cello is not lady like at all. The sound and size of a cello almost does not fit with an image of a female player

So I say a female cellist is strong, stylish, intelligent and better not to be messed with. I like how the Chloe outfit below helps bring these images out on the wearer. The details of the outfit below slightly resembles the form of a tuxedo

The pants would be well fitted cut of high quality fabric, finished off with satin folds – shows that you know how to look good without resorting to extravagance, but also knowing what to wear in what kind of situations

Having the top tucked into the pants lengthens the lower body, and makes your movements look more impressive