Summer Essentials 2009/2010

by vipgal

Wow, it’s been a long time since I last posted Summer Essentials

I hope this Summer 2009/2010 edition is able to give you an idea of what to cut out and what to buy this summer

Boater hat Mimco * Sweet dress recipe pattern book
Wear every non-working day, I remember obsessing over fedora hats and not being able to find a decent bowler hat, but they’ve been over-used in the past few years in local fashion ads beyond cliche status, the boater is a more classy alternative, and it’s on sale at Mimco for $30!

Tunic Aubin & Wills
At least 2 wears a week, pair wear with wooden clog sandals and half calf socks

Maxi dress Bardot junior
This is THE dress on every one this season, tye die is also very big. I worked part time retail in the Christmas period which just passed, and saw the maxi dress on a lot of young mums. Halter and strapless styles were very popular, to be honest though, people and their saggy boobs in halter maxis were not a good sight, I prefer the bust to be shirred, it’s fresh, simple and makes you look much younger. The pics above are actually girls maxi dresses, as I was not able to find a womans maxi dress in that style. The same tye dye design can be found in the Bardot ladieswear section as a halter maxi

Clogs Crocs * Funkis
I’m a recent advocate for Crocs, it’s a love hate relationship, actually. They’re hideous (at first sight) but they’re so comfortable! And besides I am going through a childhood reminiscence period right now (could be early 20-something syndrome) but I miss the images of cute little feet in clogs and the equally adorable breezy cotton outfits from childhood

Crocs may not go with every outfit, while Swedish clogs from Funkis is a more versatile option

Above knee shorts See by Chloe
Dress up with tank and blazer, or dress down with cute prints


Mix and match tank Malene Birger
Great for summer evenings

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